Everyone one has more or less different shade of teeth like everyone has different skin color or hair color. In dental language these colors are classified into categories.

Causes of tooth discoloration

  • AGE :milk teeth are whiter then permanent teeth ,as the age advances the superficial layer of the teeth (Enamel) becomes thinner & less calcified and under laying layer of teeth (Dentin) which is darker, becomes more visible ,hence the teeth appears darker with age . Further the teeth can also be stained due to bacterial pigments, consumable colored liquids like tea, coffee and red wine.
  • Environment effect : Level of fluoride in drinking water at the time of formation of teeth also affect the teeth color. Yellowish – brownish – white spot so formed are called fluoride stain.
  • TRAUMA : Front teeth in teenagers mostly get traumatize while playing or otherwise and get discolored over a period of time . The teeth may appear brown, purple or black. Such discoloration is due to deposit of blood inside the teeth and release of hemosindrin pigment.
  • Tobacco and alcohol consumption leads to cracks and brownish .
  • Consumpation of tetracycline drug by pregnant mother may lead to greyish discoloration of forming teeth in infant.
  • Deposition of calculus ,tartar & food deposit.

Treatment of discolored teeth

Not all the discolored teeth are same.Treatment of the discoloration depands upon the cause of discoloration

  • Discoloration due tea, coffee, colors of food product , calculus & tarter can be cleaned easily by regular cleaning of teeth (scaling).Regular scaling of teeth also prevent the chances of gums problem (pyorrhea).
  • Mild to moderate Fluoride stain can be treated with bleaching or whitening procedure
  • Bleaching is a process in which peroxide solution is applied to your teeth. Usually the procedure takes 1-2 hours to complete and needs no additional in-home treatment. It has about 93% satisfaction rate and the sustained results depends on the individuals. Habits like drinking too much of caffeine, soft drinks, tobacco products and infrequent visits to the dentists might reduce the effectiveness, hence it is important to visit the dentist and use professional after care products in order to maintain the products for 1-2 years.
  • Severe fluoride stains ,tetracycline case can be treated with direct or indirect veneers.
  • Non vital teeth requires root canal treatment (RCT) followed by crown placement.

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