Dental implant is the next best option to natural teeth. Basically it duplicates root of the natural tooth and support missing tooth /teeth. Dental implants are made of titanium alloys that are compatible with human body .These implants fuse with the jaws and form strong foundation for tooth replacement. Teeth implants are generally carried out to replace back missing tooth or teeth which might have been lost due to an accident, disease or old age.

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Types of Dental Implants:

There are different types tooth implants carried out at our clinic. The basic ones are conventional or immediate implants .
1. Conventional Implants : This type of implant is normally done in two stages which would require about 2 trips in about 3 to 6 months. These implants are done for all kinds of bone conditions. In first appointment the implant is placed inside the bone and left there for a period of 3-4 months for healing. During second stage crown (tooth) is placed over implant, it generally take 2 short appointments.
2. Immediate Implants :dental implants is placed on the same day after the extraction of teeth. They are generally recommended only for cases with good jaw bones.
Second stage in such cases may be carried out during the same trip or later, depending on the condition of the bone in which implant is been placed.
3. Immediate Loaded Implants : When the permanent or temporary bridges, crowns or dentures are placed during the same trip when the dental implants is embedded in the jaws ,it is called immediate loaded implant. They are recommended only for good jawbone conditions.
4. Delayed loading : The cases where crown , bridge and over denture is placed after a healing period of 3-4 months is known as delayed loading. Such kind of loading is done when the bone support is not good for immediate loading .Delayed loading is beneficial in a way , that it provide sufficient time for implant to be integrated in the bone.

Benefits of Dental implants

Dental implants Restoration Types :

Single Tooth Missing : The single tooth restoration method comprise of three parts which is the implant post which gets rid of rotten tooth, the abutment which supports the crown and the prosthetic crown. Dental crowns look like natural teeth and are crafted from porcelain or metal materials.This is cemented or held together with the help of screw. This method is normally used in restorative dentistry cases.

Multiple Tooth Missing : If more than one tooth is missing in the same place then they can be replaced with fewer implants.

All Teeth Missing : If all your teeth are missing then you do not have to live with bulky and uncomfortable dentures. The best part is that dental implants can almost restore back the teeth to natural condition. When all teeth are missing then a full arch implant reconstruction is required.

All on 4 Dental Implants : The All-on-4-Dental Implants are permanent set of teeth that look and feel like real teeth. It utilises only four implant per arch compared to the traditional implants which uses about six to eight implants in each arch.One can say that this implant requires no bone grafting, and so saves time, money and all kinds of discomfort.

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