8 Interesting facts you didn’t know about your toothbrush

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 8 Interesting facts you didn’t know about your toothbrush

Brushing is the part of our everyday life. Isn’t it? But did you know that your toothbrush has an expiry date too? Shocking isn’t it? It’s like the weapon you using to help you prevent from harm could be of some harm someday. Like love it could hit back too. Funny as it may sound but it is true. Even here in our Dental Clinic in Rohini, we suggest our patients to choose their toothbrush very wisely. What seems to be very petty task could end up effecting your smile.

Well in this post we will tell you 12 interesting facts you never know about your toothbrush. Well now you will certainly do. So let’s start

  1. Bacteria loves to play on your toothbrush: Yes, you heard us right. Several bacterial germs could be present in your toothbrush due to several reasons. But don’t Panic!!! Not all bacteria are harmful. One may also think what kind of germs typically live on a toothbrush? Well! Your toothbrush can be home to millions of bacteria like E.Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Streptococcus Mutans, Lactobacillus etc and could be an issue if not handled with proper care and caution. To help in keeping your mouth safe and healthy, make it a habit you wash your brush before and after brushing and keep it in a clean and safe place. Also remember never to share your toothbrush with anyone.
  2. Do you use your toothbrush cap? No Nooo Stop it right now! After reading to the above pointer, you may think that I have to keep my toothbrush in a clean and an enclosed or encapsulated area. But don’t you do this. Though, toothbrush companies themselves give it with their toothbrush but the cap may lead to breeding ground for many micro organisms. The actual reason is that when you toothbrush is moist, and you insert your brush cap, it leads to increase in the chances of hoisting fungi or other microbial. The best remedy is to make your toothbrush breathe.
  3. Keeping your toothbrush near your toilet? Avoid it: I can bet you brush your teeth in the washroom the very place your toilet seat is situated. Everything makes sense as long as you are JUST brushing in your washroom. Scientists have proven that more than 70% of the toothbrush found near toilet contained faecal matter and more than 60% of it comes from other user’s faeces. So where do you keep your toothbrush? Remember to keep your toothbrush atleast six feet away from your toilet seat and keep it in a place where there is no direct contacts with foreign particles.
  4. Purchasing a new toothbrush? Go see it’s ADA seal: ADA seal helps you to know that the toothbrush you are buying is up to the usability standards. It will tell you that how the ADA council of Scientific affairs have evaluated your toothbrush and is it safe to use. From keeping in mind the bristles not falling out to it’s softness it does it all. It also helps in seeking whether the brush handle is strong enough to not break to brush effective enough to reduce risk of cavities and gum disease.
  5. Lifespan of your toothbrush could be of just 3 to 4 months: Most people have a habit of not changing their toothbrush until a time comes when they are grinded flat as my car tyre last night. Jokes apart! Yes, toothbrush have a life span too. Remember never use your toothbrush for more than 3 months. A worn out toothbrush may not provide that much of an utility as a strong new healthy and a clean toothbrush would. So remember not to cling to your old toothbrush and go buy a new one right now if you feel your toothbrush has become damn old.
  6. Always keep in mind – 2 Minutes, 2 times: Some people have a habit of brushing all day long thinking in back of their mind that more of pressing and scratching and rubbing across their teeth would result in a Hollywood style smile. Well! Let me clear you on that, you gonna do the exact reverse of what you fantasised. Even Dr Vishnu Mittal, owner of mittal dental clinic advises to not brush for more than 2 minutes and twice a day everyday if you want a teeth rack as glittery as Kareena Kapoor. Remember to always keep your mouth and teeth as healthy as possible. You can even approach us for teeth whitening in Rohini to get that celebrity glam smile across your face.
  7. Never go for a Hard bristle! Softer is better: Softer bristles are always better than the hard bristles. Not only does your brushing experience gets hampered, a hard bristle can also put your gums to pressure that can even lead to receding of your gum lines. It can also lead to gum pain and bleeding if you are not gentle with your teeth. Comparing it to a softer bristle can lead to cleaning of your teeth more gently and effectively. So never go for a harsh bristle.
  8. Toothbrush had Boar Hair back in 1500s: While today’s toothbrush bristles are made up of nylon, back in 1456 when china invented brush hair it was made up of boar hair. The hair was used due to it’s thickness and well to do brushing experience. It’s also said that the first prototype of a toothbrush was invented in a prison cell where an Englishman after seeing other prisoners cleaning their teeth with a cloth, came up with an idea of using a bone and some bristles for his toothbrush. After coming out from the jail he even opened up a company named Wisdom toothbrush still exist in US.

Now that you are very well aware of what your toothbrush values in your life, I wish you would be quiet more cautious and informed before you go buy your next toothbrush or for that matter go brush tomorrow morning again.

We are Dr Mittal Dental Clinic situated in Rohini, New Delhi can help you with all your dental problems. I hope the article was insightful and you have learnt a lot reading it. Do share it with all your family and friends who you care and don’t want them to suffer with any dental related issues whatsoever. Thank you for reading this article and KEEP SMILING 🙂

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