Having a Dental Appointment? Here are some Tips to Overcome Dental Anxiety!

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  • Having a Dental Appointment? Here are some Tips to Overcome Dental Anxiety!
 Having a Dental Appointment? Here are some Tips to Overcome Dental Anxiety!

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety?


Have you ever been to a dentist? If yes, you must have felt nervous before setting down on the dental chair. Well, you are not alone since many people have dental phobia and anxiety and millions of people stay away from the dentist with serious oral health problems.

Dental anxiety usually arises due to the sound of the drill, previous disturbing experience at the clinic, fear of injection/pain, disliking of needles, or working inside your mouth. All of it seems awkward and monotonous which keeps people away from seeing the dentist. Fear of visiting a dentist has been found in a significant number of people especially in children and adults who tend to avoid going to a dental clinic.

Alas, with such fear people end up with disastrous effects as they sort to temporary treatment while overlooking the growth of the problem. Therefore, one needs to face their fears and anxieties to minimize the risks of attracting serious oral issues.

Tips to Eliminate Dental Anxiety

Taking proper care of your dental health is as much important as your overall health. If you are experiencing dental anxiety, it is crucial to overcome it as soon as possible and get your teeth a check-up from a dentist. Here we have provided some tips that are easy and effective to overcome your dental anxiety-

Be Calm

When you have your appointment with a dentist, it is better to prevent anxiety all at once rather than depending on methods to relieve it. Before leaving for your visit, try some mediation or yoga poses to calm your mind. You can also try deep breathing exercises on your way or use any stress-relief devices such as a fidget spinner or any other device that will relax your mind. Moreover, you can try listening to some soothing music or music of your choice that keeps your mind focused while your teeth are getting repairing.

Understand the Expected

While you visit a dentist, you should know what will happen during your appointment. Ignorance will never lower down your anxiety. Doing a little research before the appointment can help you in setting your expectations about the process during your visit. It involves the demonstration of a quick review of the dental procedure and tools that will be used.

Distracting Yourself

When you arrive at the clinic, you might feel stressed out which can be lowered by distracting yourself by talking to other patients, using your phone, checking up on your work, playing games, etc.

Bring Someone Along

Sometimes going with someone- a friend or family member to an appointment can help you in feeling calm. The other person can distract you or help you in relaxing during the treatment by holding your hand or just by talking to you. The dental process takes time and waiting for it heightens stress, thus any friend or other relative can be with you during such time.

Seek Help

Dental anxiety has been shown in tremendous people and one must not feel shy about for asking help. When you arrive at the clinic, ask for help to get comfortable in the environment and put your mind at ease. Talk to their support staff or other patients as you will be able to relate yourself with them and this support can eliminate anxiety.

Practice Self-Care

Before you visit the dental clinic, make sure to get enough sleep and eat the right food to keep your mind on track. A good night’s sleep before your visit can help you in relaxing your nerves. Try to avoid caffeine because it pumps up the nerves and you might feel overwhelmed with mixed emotions and it will trigger your anxiety.

Moreover, adults who have diabetes should avoid sugary food completely because it can put them on edge. To feel energetic and focused, consume high-protein snacks such as Greek yogurt or tofu.

You should also try to practice deep breathing exercises before and during the appointment as it alleviates stress and panic.

Open up with your Fears

Communicating well about your fears to a friend, relative, family, or dentist itself is an effective way to put your anxiety at bay. Trusting your dentist can help you in easily opening up about your fears to them. Tell your dentist you feel nervous or anxious, they will help you in taking down your fear and only then perform the dental process. The dental process requires you to be comfortable and stress-relieved.

Don’t let dental anxiety take your oral hygiene and keeping good care of your teeth because dental health is as important as our overall health. Contact us today

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